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Howgate’s Preliminary Arctic Expedition and Polar Colonization

The Howgate Polar Colonization Plan featured two phases, the first of which was the Preliminary Arctic Expedition.

The ultimate goal of the Polar Colonization Plan was to establish a sustainable base from which to voyage even farther north—indeed, as far north as possible, across the hypothesized open polar sea to the geographic North Pole itself.

Howgate’s Preliminary Arctic Expedition can be seen as the first step to US participation in the First International Polar Year.

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Captain Henry Howgate – Embezzler, Forger, US Army Signal Corps

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Howgate planned to colonize above the Arctic Circle and reach farthest north, but he also embezzled, forged, and evaded Pinkertons.

Captain Henry W. Howgate, an officer of the US Army Signal Corps, the man officially entrusted to plan US polar expeditions in the 1870’s, may be the most colorful character in the race to the pole.

Captain Henry Howgate- Embezzler, Forger, US Army Signal Corps.

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